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Easy Roof Maintenance Tips and Checklist

When it comes to home maintenance, most people don’t think about their roof until something goes wrong. After all, as long as your roof is working, you’re probably more focused on maintaining things closer to the ground that you see every day, like your home’s foundation, pool, or sprinkler system. That’s why we’ve made these roof […]

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Your Top 15 Questions About Metal Roofing, Answered

Is a stone coated steel roof noisy in the rain? Will a standing seam roof block your cell phone signal? These are the top 15 questions we get asked about metal roofing.

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What are cedar shake roofing alternatives?

Synthetic Composite Shakes: These are roofing materials made from polymers, recycled materials, and additives designed to mimic the look of cedar shakes. They offer the appearance of cedar shakes without the maintenance requirements and vulnerabilities associated with natural wood, such as rot, insect damage, and fire risk.Are you searching for an alternative to cedar wood […]


Buying a New Home? A Roof Inspection Will Save You Money

Buying a new home is a huge life decision. Prospective buyers know they need to make sure their new dream home has a sound foundation and safe electrical wiring, but inspecting the roof is often overlooked. This is surprising, considering how integral roofs are to protecting a home, and how expensive a new roof can […]

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