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Metal Roof Inspiration: Design Resources for Your Home’s New Roof

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Design & Inspiration Resources For Your Home’s New Metal Roof

Some of us just love to plan home renovation projects, scrolling through Pinterest from the comfort of our couch, and imagining what the house would look like with a new pool, new landscaping, or a new addition over the garage.

When it comes time to replace the roof, choosing the profile and color can have a big impact on the style of your home. And if you’re considering investing in a metal roof, it’s even more important to understand all the options available to you.

But with metal roofs taking off in popularity only in the last decade or two, it can be hard to find good collections of images to help you in your journey. Here are some of our favorite resources for exploring the beauty and versatility of metal roofs.

Roof Visualization Tools

Each of the major shingle manufacturing companies has developed their own roofing visualization tool, where you can play around with different styles and colors of roofing, brick, paints, and trims. 

roof visualization tools

Our favorite roof visualizers are:

All three programs have sample photos of many different house styles — but even better, you can upload a photo of your own home!

Naturally, these tools are limited to each company’s own products, which are typically composition shingle. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to try on new roof styles and colors, as well as seeing how a simple lick of paint can change the whole character of your house.


roof design tool

The website of the Metal Roofing Alliance has a superb gallery which can be sorted by color, roof style, and roof material. This massive collection of photos is the best place to get a handle on just how many choices there are in the world of metal roofing.

The MRA also maintains good Pinterest and Instagram accounts with hundreds of beautiful photos perfect for scrolling through. You’ll see a wide variety of home styles, with plenty of different roof profiles and colors to spark your imagination.



MetalRoofing.Systems doesn’t have a dedicated gallery, but it’s just chock-full of excellent information. This site’s detailed posts will answer just about any question you might have about metal roofing on your home, and there are plenty of pictures scattered throughout to provide visual inspiration.

Designer Roofing’s Resources

It would be remiss not to point out the other metal roofing resources we’ve compiled on this site for you. We’ve also got plenty of photos to look at right here!

Our Guide To Choosing The Best Metal Roof Color For Your Home discusses color options, paint finishes, how metal roofs suit different styles of homes, and more.

The Gallery shows some of our expert metal roof installations here in North Texas, and this Map of Installations shows off some of our best work. And finally, our YouTube channel has a series of drone videos that let you soar over our roof installations, seeing these homes from an entirely new perspective!