Custom Metal Roofing

Custom metal roofing can be a simple way to beautify your home and increase its value. A custom metal roof is a wonderful accent for your front portico, back patio, turrets or gazebo.

Designer Roofing’s custom metal panels are fabricated on-site for your turret, awning, or gazebo. This ensures a perfect fit, and allows us to create custom flashing and other accessories to match.

Custom standing seam metal roof panels are incredibly durable. While this kind of custom roofing has a higher up-front cost, it saves you money in the long run, as it requires fewer repairs and can last 50 years or more.

Additionally, metal roofing is resistant to fire, wind, mold, and hail, highly energy-efficient, can save you money on home insurance premiums, and is completely recyclable. All in all, it’s an incredibly attractive and effective roofing choice. 

How Custom Metal Roofing Works

Designer Roofing’s custom metal roofing is made from panels of 24-gauge steel, crimped and seamed together for a watertight fit. These have all the benefits of metal roofing, and are very durable and energy efficient. In addition to being beautiful, they also increase the value of your home and drastically cut down on repair and maintenance costs.

The standing seam panels come in a variety of finishes, and can be left as-is for a natural weathered look, or painted for even more design versatility. We use Paint Grip steel that is specially formulated to adhere to Valspar paints with a Kynar finish.

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Why Choose A Metal Roof?

  • Durable: metal roofs can last 50 years or more, and will never crack or curl like composition roofing
  • Beautiful: available in a wide variety of styles and colors
  • Cost-Effective: reduce your energy bills and save on insurance premiums
  • Protective: maximum resistance to wind, fire, mold, and hail

Custom Metal Roof Colors

Designer Roofing has been installing standing seam metal roofs in Dallas and North Texas for more than two decades, so you can be confident that we understand the details of how to install these metal sheets so they won’t buckle or leak. Please reach out to us if you’re considering a standing seam roof and you’d like some guidance!

Complete your home with custom matching roof accessories that are manufactured using the same standing seam metal panels used on your roof. At Designer Roofing we have the technology and know-how to fabricate custom gutters, downspouts and any other flashing accessories required to match your roof.

If you want draw more attention to a certain part of your roof, copper is a great option for an accent design. Copper roofing isn’t just beautiful – it’s also incredibly practical. Copper is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials you can install. Designer Roofing specializes in creating custom standing seam copper panels for areas such as spires, turrets, domes and gazebos. Copper finials provide an elegant finishing touch to any structure and are incredibly long lasting. Like a fine wine, copper gets better with age.

Designer Roofing creates custom metal roofing designs for clients all over Dallas and Fort Worth. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.