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Free Roof Inspections

You should NEVER pay for a roof inspection in Dallas!

Reputable, established roofing companies will never charge you for a roof inspection for your Dallas home. It’s our job to give you our free, honest opinion borne from our 25 years of experience in roofing homes.

Designer Roofing located in Dallas offers free storm damage evaluations and shingle and roof inspections in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and across North Texas. You can even schedule one online by clicking the button below!

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Roof replacement costs will vary based on the size of the roof and the roofing material. Free estimates for roofing, exteriors, and repairs are fast and easy with Designer Roofing.

The North Texas climate wreaks havoc on our roofs every year, from hailstorms in the spring to brutal heat in the summer. 

If you think your roof may be damaged, we’re here to help. Please call us at 972-644-6556, or schedule a free roof inspection for your Dallas home online. We’ll confirm the date and time you request, inspect your roof for any damage, and provide you with our expert opinion.

How long Will My Composition Roof Last in Texas?

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  • Is your roof more than 15 years old?
  • Can you see any shingle damage, bald spots, or granules in the gutters?
  • Has your neighborhood experienced a severe storm in the past year?

You might need a new roof!

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