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The Best Metal Roofs in Dallas (With Video!)

We've been privileged to roof several beautiful homes in the Metroplex, and we can't resist showing off our drone videos.

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If you’re looking for the best metal roofs in Dallas, you’ve come to the right place!

The technology in metal roofing for houses has come a long way in the past few decades. Whether you’re looking at standing seam roofing or stone coated steel metal roof tiles, metal roofing is just getting more and more popular in North Texas.

Choosing metal roofing for your house is an investment that will reward you with great benefits over the years. In addition to being lightweight, fire-resistant, and hail-resistant, metal roofing also lasts 3 times as long as traditional composition roofing made from fiberglass and asphalt. A metal roof can last 50-60 years or even more, and may very well be the last roof you ever need to buy for your home!

Designer Roofing specializes in metal roofing, so you can trust that these new roofing materials are installed correctly, fully watertight and with no exposed areas where rust or water damage can develop. We stand behind our workmanship with a one-year warranty, and we have thousands of satisfied customers all over the Metroplex.

For some examples of the best metal roofing in Dallas, see the videos below. Designer Roofing roofed all these homes with our trusted team of metal roofing installers. When you’d like to know more about your metal roofing options, just give us a call!

Metal Roofing in Dallas, Texas

Standing Seam Metal Roof - Kynar-Coated Galvalume in Slate Gray

We’re putting more and more metal roofs on homes in Dallas, and it turns out that standing seam metal roofing is a great choice for renovations on classic Dallas houses. 

Dallas homes from the 1950s and 1960s are often great examples of early modern architecture, with clean brick lines and a modular layout. These houses are now being renovated for today’s families with a sophisticated, minimal architectural style that is beautifully complemented by standing seam metal roofing. The roof’s low profile and crisp lines help establish this house as a calm and welcoming home.

Metal Roofing in Prosper, Texas

Stone Coated Steel - Gerard Barrel Vault in Santa Fe

This stunning mansion in Prosper is the home of a Major League Baseball player, and it has all the bells and whistles. We installed stone coated steel metal roofing that mimics the look of Spanish clay tile, but without being so heavy and breakable. With a massive footprint including an indoor basketball court, four turrets, and a detached boathouse on a private lake, this is truly one of the most impressive metal roofs in Texas.

Metal Roofing in Frisco, Texas

Stone Coated Steel - Varitile Shake in Vista Brown

This charming Frisco home on the shores of Lake Lewisville underwent a full-scale renovation that doubled the size of the garage and added usable living space upstairs. Designer Roofing finished off the project with a new stone coated steel roof designed to look like hand-cut wooden shakes. These roof tiles will never discolor, crack, or shrink, and will protect this home for decades to come.

Metal Roofing in Lewisville, Texas

Standing Seam Metal Roof - Kynar-Coated Galvalume in Medium Bronze

While stone coated steel roofs will blend in with your neighbors’ composition roofs, a standing seam metal roof makes a bold, modern statement. Interlocking panels create vertical seams that highlight your home’s architecture and give it a crisp, polished finish.

Long strips of steel are coated with Galvalume, an alloy of aluminum, zinc, and silicon that is resistant to corrosion. The steel is then treated with Kynar paint that chemically bonds to the surface and never peels or chips off. We bring these rolls of metal and form them into interlocking Z-panels on site, ensuring a perfect fit to your roof.

Metal Roofing in Prosper, Texas

Stone Coated Steel - Boral Pine-Crest Shake in Charcoal

The owners of this beautiful house north of the Metroplex also chose a wood shake style for their stone coated steel roof, this time in a dark charcoal color that provides a nice contrast to the cream stucco exterior. With a steeply pitched roof and plenty of gables, the result is an elegant home with Old-World charm.

Metal Roofing in Pilot Point, Texas

Standing Seam Metal Roof - Kynar-Coated Galvalume in Terracotta

You can modernize a Spanish Revival architectural style by choosing standing seam rather than clay tile. This house keeps the terracotta color of a Mediterranean villa but upgrades it with the clean lines of standing seam roof panels, resulting in a warm and welcoming, but elegant, ranch-style home.

Did we miss any of the best metal roofs in Dallas? Let us know!